Skill Application 2 & 3 – Answer any two of the questions, so it’s going to be two part, each part for 3 pages. This skill application is an opportunity for you to engage in self-assessment. Various assessments are provided at the end of each chapter although you may also use other credible external assessments if you prefer. You may also base your assessment off any of the class exercises we did this semester. The assignment requires you to select one or more leadership skills you want to further develop. The skill(s) identified do not need to be something you consider a weakness — you can identify areas which you may excel, but want to develop even more.

Write a personal development plan identifying the skill(s) to be improved and provide specific action items needed to be accomplished in order to realize your goal. Be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of course concepts through the application in the development of your plan. References can be placed on a separate page if needed. Remember developing competency in leadership skills is a continuous, and lifelong process.

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