Your task
You are required to write a three-page business memorandum in response to the given scenario below.
Assessment Description
In this individual assessment, you will be given an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of
responsible gambling and entertainment management by proposing solutions to address recurring and
contemporary problems and issues in the gaming and entertainment industries.
Assessment Instructions
Congratulations, upon your graduation, you have been appointed as the gaming manager at one of the
venues you have chosen to analyse in the first assessment. After a week in this role, you begin to notice
that certain venue practices may be in breach of the relevant state regulations related to responsible
On one occasion, your gaming employees were serving free food and alcohol to gaming patrons with an
intent to motivate patrons to continue gambling; on another occasion, the gaming room stayed opened
past its stated closing hours as a few high-roller gamblers were preoccupied with gambling activities.
What’s more, you have read many negative commentaries on the venue’s social media page from family
and friends of the gaming patrons about how dissatisfied they are with the venue’s approach to
eliminating problem gambling.
In response, you then enquire with staff about the reasons behind such practices and learn that one of
the venue’s internal policies offers employee rewards to gaming staff if they were to achieve a certain
spend on poker machines at the end of each night.

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