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Read pages 133—142 from Chapter 7: Natural Law and Human Rights. Read pages 110—121 from Chapter 6: Deontological Ethics and Immanuel Kant. Natural Law Theory and references to “Natural Rights” have played an incredibly important role in the development of the United States. The reading assigned from chapter 7 explains the main concepts and that role. Please read the assigned section for understanding. Kant’s moral theory is one of the most important ethical theories in the history of Western civilization. While his theory is not easy to understand, it is very important and provides one of the primary foundations of morality to this day. Please read the assigned pages from chapter 6 so that you can fully understand the main elements of Kant’s theory. Look over this Natural Law, Natural Rights and American Constitutionalism website to learn more about natural law theory. Pay special attention to the section called ‘American Founding and Constitutionalism’ (there is a tab you can click on) which will help you better appreciate the role of Natural Law Theory in the development of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. You may use this information in the course of writing your essay exam.

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