These Lab Tasks and Lab Test 3 require you to write an object-oriented (class-based) program to
implement a traffic light state machine using the OUSB board. Two classes are required:
? Class to interface to the OUSB board
? Class to implement a traffic light state machine
The tasks specified below are aimed at helping you to break down the program into smaller
functional ‘modules’. You should attempt to code in modules, checking the functionality of each
module before continuing to code (i.e., do not write the whole program at once and expect it all to
work!). Once you have finished all the tasks, notify your tutor who will assess your work. The
marking for these tasks is binary – it either works or does not. Remember to use the lecture notes
and OUSB board manual as references as well as the prescribed textbook.
There are two types of tasks – explanation based, and code based. You will see the words
CODE Submission required in front of tasks which require a *.cpp file submission. *.cpp files
must be fully functional and compile without modification to achieve full marks.
The report only needs to provide the required diagrams and text to inform the tutor what the
required inputs are and the expected output of the code/programs – text explanations should be kept
to a minimum – use dot points where possible.

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