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Finding the Speech to Write About
Go to www.americanrhetoric.com
Find a speech that is long enough for you to find quotes for Ethos, Pathos and Logos.
There must be two quotes representing each of these. It is mostly your opinion if you think a quote is Ethos, you will explain why this quote is Ethos in your paper.
Suggested Speeches
Steve Jobs – Commencement Address at Stanford University 2005
Thebo Mbeki – I am African 1996
Abraham Lincoln – A House Divided Speech 1858
Albert Einstein – Address at Fifth Nobel Anniversary Dinner 1945
Al Gore – Nobel Lecture 2007 (Climate Change)
Bono – 54th National Prayer Breakfast Keynote Address
Cesar E. Chavez – The Mexican-American and the Church
Rudy Giuliani – State of the Union Address 2001 (9/11 terror attack topic)
Obama – Amazing Speech in Charleston, South Carolina June 2015 – YouTube






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