Length: Minimum 1500 and maximum 2000 words. (Double spaced 12 font- approximately 4-6 pages in total including the bibliography and glossary) Due: November 26th Monday, 11:59 pm (digitally in SafeAssign on Blackboard) Please also submit a hard copy in your Teaching Assistant’s mailbox (Henry Hall 3rd Floor) Your second writing assignment is a research paper, which will be based on library research, using scholarly publications. Below we provide a list of suggested architectural monuments as well as a series of art historical concepts covered during the semester. Your paper will be expected to discuss one monument of your selection form the provided list below and at least 2 concepts which you will integrate to your argument in the paper. This paper should be a clear and balanced discussion of your monument addressing all available evidence (archaeological, visual or textual evidence) about the monuments, and end with 2 final paragraphs that includes your evaluation of the monument based on the two concepts you have chosen to analyze the monument.


 Art Historical Concepts and Glossary: Below is a list of art historical terms that are discussed during the lectures and in your readings. You are expected to make use of at least three of these concepts as part of your argument in the paper. Some bibliographic suggestions are provided below. Your paper should demonstrate your familiarity and use of such visual analytical tools. o Glossary: At the end of your paper, please include 100-word definitions of each art historical concept. You are encouraged to read various scholarly resources that offer discussions of these concepts (like the Nelson and Shiff’s Critical Terms for Art History volume or the Grove Dictionary of Art)

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