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Re-watch the video slideshow submitted with your Persuasive Value Presentation and critique your use of oral communication techniques. This self-reflection will be in the form of a written report of approximately 500 words (2 pages double-spaced) analyzing your presentation content, slideshow, and verbal and nonverbal delivery.

Give each of the following topics its own paragraph in which you discuss strong points and areas for improvement:

  1. Presentation introduction and conclusion;
  2. Evidence and persuasive arguments;
  3. Verbal delivery (tone, volume, rate, language, and use of pauses);
  4. Nonverbal delivery (eye contact, gestures, physical presence, lighting, and camera setup);
  5. Slide design and use of assertion-evidence format for slides.

Before composing your essay, review the standards and guidelines for the above categories by looking back at the skill lessons and Persuasive Value Presentation instructions.

Include a brief introduction and conclusion paragraph in your essay. The essay does not require outside sources. More details about grading criteria are included on the rubric that accompanies this assignment.