you actively engaged in presentation of self – Get an Orginal Paper (

For this assignment, you must first read: Goffman. The Presentation of Self (posted
on BB).
In 3 double-spaced Let’s Help with this paper ( s (Times New Roman, 1 margins), write about an
experience when you actively engaged in presentation of self. You must use
Goffmans terminology/ concepts (from the reading and lecture) to explain the context
and how you presented yourself to others. Some examples of concepts to include:
performer, front region, back region, props, setting, appearance, matter, audience,
audience segregation, idealization, etc. (you must bold Goffmans concepts in your
Some examples: your presentation of self on social media, when interacting with
customers at your job, doing a presentation in front of your classmates, applying for
college, interviewing for a job, or going on a first date, etc. BE CREATIVE!
(fictional embellishment is okay!)writing stand in the position of Chinese students.

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