Word Limit:1500(excludingreferences) Value: 40%of the unit mark

You are to design a Community Development case study or plan. Your plan will address a particular issue and desired changes a group want to address.

Choose oneof the scenarios below:

1. A group of local residents wanting to create a more welcoming neighborhood.

2. High school students who want to contribute to the way the local council is addressing the issues for young people.

3. Recently arrived refugees who are keen to set up a space to meet each other.

4. A community group of your choice and their desired outcome – please talk to/ email your lecturer before starting your case study

Be specific in the kind of project you are describing, and the community development processes involved. Be clear to define who is in the group.

Assessment criteria:

Project aims and objectives are clearly stated and suit a community work approach(20%)

Community work approach or model is well defined, and rationale for its selection is provided(20%)

Strategies are designed to meet the aims and objectives of the project(20%)

Clear use of tools to measure the effectiveness of the project(10%)

Participation strategies are effectively outlined (10%)

Critical analysis of the limitations and weaknesses of your project and approach(10%)

Use of at least seven references and consistent use of referencing system (APA 6th or 7th)(10%)

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