You are to prepare a case report as a critical reflection on a company of your choice listed on the ASX and positioned between the 200-300 level by market capitalization. This means the company is in the ASX 300, but not in the ASX 200. Many are emerging companies and seeking growth. A list of the companies is available on the LMS.

The report can be based on desk research, secondary research and primary research (i.e. ethnographic and netnographic observation only). Your first task is to provide a critical review of your chosen company its marketing strategies. Your critical review is based on synthesizing readings from relevant databases, industry and government reports, websites and newspaper articles. Your second task is to analyse consumer insights about this brand and requires you to gather observational findings.

NOTE: Submit assignments using Microsoft Word Document

REFERENCES: Use Harvard style. Include a the heading ‘References’ on a single line to start the reference section

APPENDIX: Include after the references. Include the heading ‘Appendix’ or ‘Appendices’ on a single line at the start of the appendix section.

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