Your task is to write the statistical methods and results sections of a hypothetical manuscript that
focuses on health data in a sample of individuals who participated in the Framingham Heart Study
which commenced in 1948 in the community of Framingham, Massachusetts USA. The SPSS data set
you are required to analyse and the specific questions you need to answer area available on the
Assessment 2 page of Blackboard. Please note this is an individual assignment and that you must be
logged into Blackboard under your username to access the assessment tasks and data set which
have been assigned to you. The data coding manual for the data set is provided at the end of this
You will be graded on both your analysis and interpretation, so you should avoid simple yes/no
answers to the questions. Rather, explain how you reached your answer citing any relevant results.
Only statistical methods taught in this unit should be used in the assessment. Your grade will be
negatively affected if alternate statistical methods are used. All questions can be answered using
the methods taught.
There are eight questions/tasks which need to be completed, plus one optional question. The
optional question must be completed in order to receive a grade of 6 or 7 for this assessment.
However completing the optional question does not guarantee you will receive a grade of 6 or 7.

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